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This website is part of one of my "Weekend Projects", it contains notes, ideas and tutorials that I have uploaded at my own leisure for references and to help me out in the future. If they can be of any help to you I’d be happy to hear about! Get me at

Some of the more relevant sections of my website are:

  Microsoft MCITP path
Is going to take me a while to get the MCITP for Windows Server 2008 R2, but I am on the unstoppable path to it, find on this resource they way I setup my different labs for each of the exams. The Microsoft Virtual Academy is an interesting place to start, get to know the products from the actual developer/manufacturer
  Microsoft Virtual Academy

BCS Computing and Information Systems - Degree Resources

During the years 2009 to 2012 I studied at the University of West London, obtaining at the end of summer 2012 a First Class Honorous degree in Computing and Information Systems. Here you will find all the evidences and pieces of work I did during my high education study period
University of West London  
  La Montaña Sagrada del Grano Maldito
Shortly after the Iraq invasion in 2003, I wrote a short history of fantasy and fiction which I finally decide to publish in 2008. Very proud I am to have achieve this publication, though the book is only available in Spanish
  La Montaña Sagrada del Grano Maldito
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Virtual Lab vSphere 5.0 setup  
Here I have some instructions of how to setup a virtual lab inside your computer, so if you want to pass your VCP5 this is one of the things that you must do: stop playing dare-devil with the production environment and get yourself a decent virtualised virtual lab to test your own stuff