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VCP Learning path - This website at a glance?

I first failed my VCP5 exam with a score of 279 (300 would make a pass), even though I personally believed I had study hard enough for a successful outcome. Where had I failed? Wasn’t my strategy of doing test after test good enough? No, it wasn’t. In order to pass the VCP5 and most importantly to gain the virtualisation knowledge needed to operate this technology in the industry, you need to have a deep understanding of the VMware Blueprint document very well and obviously have hours and hours of practice with vSphere

I have created this section on my site to analyse in details the VMware Blueprint document and map it to my own personal learning, giving step by step details of how to create your own VMware vSphere virtual lab where you can play all that you want, leaving the production environment intact, as it always should be.

Five months after I created this blog, yehhaa, I passed the VCP5

My virtual lab is based in Workstation 9 and vSphere 5.0


What you'll find on this blog


  • My notes! that's all there is in here: my progress of learning towards virtualisation that I hope you may find useful
  • A entushiatinc chap leaning Server Virtualisation
  • A love for the VMware products, as well as Microsoft, Linux, Cisco, etc, you name it!


What you will NOT find on this blog


  • Any cheat questions, procedures or silly techniques to pass the VCP5 exam
  • Any rigid, predominant or specific use of the so-called "best practices", just my pure advise based on experience. Obsiously, "best practices" or "recommendations" issue by the manufactures of any give product are of paramount importance, but at the time of managing a network, any network manager does it on a different way, and in here I just explain the best way that works for me. You, on your shoes, my have a total even better different way of doing things
  • I'm more than welcome to feedfack so please let me know by e-mailing to


Table of Contents

In case the flash animation don't work (iPad and such), please use the structure menu below as an alternative navigation system.

First of all, have a look at the VMware Blueprint dissected page


  1. Hardware Configuration
    1. Power supply + Chasis case
    2. Motherboard + CPU cooling
  2. Setup VMware Workstation 9
  3. Installing ESXi Hosts
    1. Cloning the hosts
    2. Disable VMMEM file
  4. Installing Management PC
    1. Configuring applications
      1. RDP Client
      2. Remote Desktop Connection Manager
      3. Enable Folder Sharing
      4. Install vSphere client
  5. Installing FreeNAS
    1. Securing and cloning NAS
    2. Adding storage to NAS
    3. Attaching storage to host ESX1
  6. Installing Storage [iSCSI]
  7. Installing vCenter
  8. Datacenter setup
  9. Installing VMs
  10. Creating domain
  11. Installing Appliances