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Setup VMware Workstation

Studying for the VCP exam will actually pay by itself: if you pass it you will get a free license for Workstation, cool isn't it? For our lab I'm using Workstation version 9 which you can download for 30 days evaluation period, in contrast to all VMware products (at least the products directly involved with VCP5) that can be evaluated for 60 days.

I believe that VMware should really extend the trial period of Workstation for 60 days, we VM lovers need more time to learn this magic stuff and 30 days is somehow a constraint.

The only but critical aspect to be configured in Workstation 9 would be our memory allowance: edit the preferences and set it to 50 GB, that should be enough for our virtualisation party ;-) and will leave us 16Gb for our host to run other applications.


For the Virtual Network we'll leave everything as default.

I'm of the idea of not providing the Internet for our virtual lab (with the exception of testing sSphere Update Manager), we'll have the VMs without any antivirus and in occasions with no service pack installed, leaving the systems open to attacks from the web like denial of service, etc. Best advise I can give: not Internet on the virtual lab

This is a screenshot of my Virtual Network Editor configuration, where VMnet0 is the only lan where i have the Internet, bridging this lan from Workstation 9 to my local connection


I take it that by now you should have an account with VMware, right? If not register with them and download vSphere on your main computer and let's roll on.



Cannot uninstall VMware workstation; there may be occasions where you need to upgrade your version of workstation, and typically you'll find the error "The MSI "failed" when trying to do so

To get rid of this nonsense, use the Windows Installer Clean Up utility and remove Workstaiton as well as all the related tool- associated with it. Reboot and play and pray again

If it still doesn't work, it is most likely that the key "A57F49D06AE015943BFA1B54AFE9506C" is corrrupted, don't allowing us to set permissions.

To get it fix download the SubInACL command line to reset the permissions on the registry

and follow the instructions here:

After the registry setting have been reset, right click on the componeents key and propage all persmission to child objects. Reboot and pray


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